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BEST by Kynd Q & A with

Where are you living right now? I am living in Dubai currently.

When did you first start making art? I started making collages when I was 18 in germany. It all started off with me not having enough money to buy a ticket for a concert of roisin murphy (former lead singer of the group moloko) so I ripped the poster off and started my first collage and ever since Im an Addict :)

How long does it take you to finish one collage? It depends how much detail I put into the collage, I once ripped of tiny pieces out of a book (it was half the size of a penny) and attached each one of them to each other on a 90cm x 60cm space that was endless joyful work. mostly I have to wait for the glue to dry, so that I can see the actual color change. my work is very subconcious, almost like a deep trance or meditation I fall in to. there is no time limit i work with.
Does your work tell stories about your life? my artwork definately tells stories, not only for myself but also for strangers, I hear alot of times that the viewer see's there own story inside it; regardless of what story I am trying to tell. I dont force I just place it and let it take its own form. my collages contain the material that I collect of my current domicile, depending on where I am thats what you see, feel and get:)

What's your idea of beautiful? I see beauty in everything, especially garbage, I know it sounds weird, but I just do. a plastic bag from a supermarket can have alot of beauty when it gets into my hands and is worked on a collage of mine:)

What artists do you like or listen to? I like jean michel basquiat ever since I saw his work I was taken by it, the child inside of him with its fear just fascinated me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully I will be a successful artist and have a studio in new york, and start some amazing projects with young artists, and drink my arabic tea with cardamon and milk with lots of sugar:)

Favorite place to live? eat? New York to live & to eat air and love :)

What Country is next? next country...to be continued :)


Please take a Seat by Kynd “What matters where I am from, where my current domicile is, where I have lived till now!”

Sure people are curious about her life story/ biography. Denise Kynd has lived in quite a few cities, countries and continents They are just a waste of facts for her. We can say she nourishes the moment. Her art comes from the Abyss of a deep soul. Whatʼs her own description about her artwork? She doesnʼt need long terms and explanations, she shortly replies “Constant surprises!”

With her work Kynd Reaches deep into another sphere, its not about construction. Different materials provide an insight into illustrated tricky stories. You surely suspect a mathematical concept behind Kyndʼs Art . Itʼs serendipity. Intuitively impulsive story telling without using words. But in an unplanned-extremely-spontaneous way.

Each collage includes several stories. Depends on your mood and whatʼs your background and life experience. Everybody can adopt her art in their own way. You can find your story. Donʼt be irritated when you feel provoked by the piercing glance. It contains iridescent messages and juxtapositions which are all created when she's in her world.

Ahlan by Kynd Le La Hommage - Moonwalk by Kynd

All artwork on this page by Denise Kynd from 2010

Email Denise Kynd at - denisesomewhere@yahoo.de

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