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France Restaurant Reviews

Les Bouquinistes - 53 Quai des grands Augustins, 6th Arrondissement Paris
$$$ Just opposite of the Notre Dame, 29 euros for three course's for lunch which includes an glass of wine, dinner is more expensive. Service was suffocating at times, only to say hope you enjoy, i hope you like it, enjoy, how is everything, they didn't refill the water or ask me if i wanted more wine. They were nice don't get me wrong. The food was beautiful, i had the swordfish their was a lot going on loads of flavors. The art work inside was cool, as well as the exposed brick. This is one of Guy Savoy's restaurants, it's certainly on my list for top lunch's in Paris. Note, one of our entree plates had a big chip on the side, you would think that they would have enough money to not do that. We walked in without a reservation and they were very accommodating but i would recommend making one if you can.

Ribouldingue - 10 rue Saint Julienle Pauvre 5th Arrondissement Paris
$$-$$$ Specializing in "les abats" intestines, tripe, cheeks, tongue and etc. I celebrated my 26th birthday at Ribouldinque, i had a wonderful experience, it lasted over three hours long. I had foie gras and sweetbreads both were outstanding, the foie gras portion was huge, and the sweetbreads melted in your mouth. Everyone in the restaurant, staff and customers were super sweet, the table next to us were locals who invited us to laugh with them and take a picture of their pig snout entree. Remember to pace yourself with the wine drinking, i spent the last half of my night sobering up in the bathroom. Reservations needed. Not to expensive.

Le Marcab - 225 rue Vaugirard, 15th Arrondissement Paris
$$-$$$ It took me a good two hours of walking around in the rain to find this hidden gem, we arrived late in the afternoon that Sunday, but we were still offered the three course brunch menu, which was a feast. For my first course i had foie gras pate with pistachios and for the main course salmon benedict, Chicken Tandoori and Seared Tuna Sashmi along with rice and potatoes. They serve an assortment of espresso in the cutest cups, i enjoyed the blue mountain espresso from Jamica. The server was friendly and efficient, i noticed that when the chef had hot food up he would clap his hands once to let the server know. I would defiantly recommend Marcab, the pate was unforgettable and my dessert was delicious. lemarcab.fr 33 1 43 06 51 66

Christophe - 8 rue Descartes, 5th Arrondissement Paris
$$ Straight forward french cuisine for lunch at Christophe's, three courses for 20 euros had steak and green beans, fresh mesclun greens and tomatoes and the sliced sausage. Service was good, Christophe prepared our meal, afterword he went outside in front of the restaurant and smoked a cigarette while leaning against his motorcycle, so we had a chance to thank him for our authentic experience. 01-43-26-72-49

Au Pied de Cochon - 6 rue Coquilliere, 1st Arrondissement Paris
$$-$$$ We had delicious oysters from Normandy, ordered the sampler dozen for 24 euros, the Utah's were my favorite The bread is served with pig lard, so yummy! Unfortunately the beer is expensive, but the place is huge they have a huge patio, so i don't think you need a reservation. Take the Chatelet les Halles subway stop. 01 40 13 77 00

Le Bizuth - 202 Bld St Germain, 7th Arrondissement Paris
$$ A little touristy but that's OK sometimes, Le Bizuth was one of the only restaurants open late on St.Germain Blvd. I only had a salad but my husband tried the three course dinner menu escargot, duck and a crepe. The food was good, nothing outstanding, our waiter was friendly. Good spot for Europe travel virgins.

Caves Madeleine - 8 rue du Faubourg Madeleine, Beaune
$$ This is my Favorite restaurant in Europe, I get so happy even thinking about Caves Madeleine. The cassolette d'escargots, jambon persille, boeuf bourguignon, herring filet with potatoes and onion, vegetable soup and the sorbet are all out of this world. They have dozens of mustard jars on the communal table to sample while you wait for you food. The don't have a printed menu or wine list so you need to check out the wine on the wall and read the special board. Both nights in Beaune were spent dining in caves madeleine my memories of dining here with be treasured forever. Reservations highly recommended

Natural Burger - 23 Forumdes Cardeurs, Aix en Provence
$ Natural Burger is just a small Take Out window located in an busy square filled with cafes and public seating and caquaint views. They have a good variety of burgers to choose from, this neat spot definitely is supported by the local students.

Tapas Cafe - 6 Place des Augustins, Aix en Provence
$ It isn't as generic as it sounds, this cafe has great happy hour deals and each happy hour drink comes with your choice of a small tapas item such as guacamole, chorizo or salsa. Our server was friendly but he did go missing for long periods of time to get baguette's from the local bakery.

Unknown ?- ? Paris
$-$$ I loved this wine bar we went there for lunch had a glass of Rose and the most delious roast beef tartine sandwich's. We ate on the second floor which had these cool cookbooks most of them were Tartine books. If this restaurant sounds familiar and you have more information please email me at karine@karinevarga.com !

Le Lodge - Nice
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Art Cafe and Brasserie - Aix en Provence
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