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Avocado Carrot
1 thick avocado slice
julienned carrot
Roasted beet Juice (saved from recipe below)
Green Leaf lettuce
rice and nori
When you mix your sushi rice save 1\5 of it and mix it with the beet juice leftover from roasting so the color is a pinkish hue. Dont go to crazy cause its water and the rice will not stick to the seaweed. Also you could cook the rice in the beet juice instead of regular water. Take one half sheet of nori and break it into 4 equal sized sheets, now roll a tiny maki roll with the carrots. Make all four and set aside, make futo maki style roll and place the 4 rolls inside the futomaki with a slice of avocado in the middle along with green leaf lettuce, roll up making sure the avocado stays in the middle. Cut in five and eat. ______________________________________________________

Vegetable and Kala Jeera
2 Medium Sized Beets
1\3 Avocado
1 head of garlic
Basil 4 leafs
Dijon Mustard 1 tsp
1 Carrot Julienned
Green Leaf lettuce
rice and nori
Start with roasting your beets, i like steaming them but you could boil them if you want, place in shallow baking pan add 1\4 cup water and some thyme, cover with foil and in the oven for 1 hour at 400F(save the liquid). Roast the garlic, salt and pepper, tsp oil and wrap in foil roast for 20 min till soft. Start by making standard carrot maki, sprinkle some Kala Jeera and roll up, set aside. Make your garlic spread, remove bottom of garlic head and squeeze the soft garlic into small bowl, add chopped basil and Dijon mix. Now take your uramaki and spread garlic mixture in middle, add lettuce and beets. Step three layer avocado on top of your uramaki cut in six or eight then take your carrot roll and slice thinly into 10 pieces place them ontop of the avocado, now eat with lots of wasabi.. ______________________________________________________

Panko Fried Artichoke
10 Artichoke hearts
3 cloves garlic
4 tbls Dukes mayo
Panko and AP Flour + 2 eggs
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
rice and nori
If there is no fresh artichokes use prefferably jarred, for the fresh ones peel of outer leaves leaving only the heart, soak with lemon juice and water in a saucepot then boil till tender. Take the garlic wrap in foil sprinkle with EVOO salt and pepper roast in 350 F oven untill nice and soft, smash it then mix with the dukes mayo and a squeeze of lemon juice set aside. Start heating up your oil, you can use a deep fryer if available but pan frying is ok. Have three bowls for your breading one with flour one with panko and last one with the beaten eggs. Take out your chilled artichokes and drench in flour, eggwash and panko, when the oil is nice and hot throw in your artichokes and fry till golden brown on all sides, transfer to papertowel. You can use futo maki for this or uramaki spread a little roasted garlic mayo artichokes and roll up the eat it.

Pickeled Ginger
1 lbs fresh ginger root
2 cups sushi vinegar
pickle jar for storage
Peel the ginger root with a spoon, slice as thinly as possible, if you have a sharp potato peeler that is fine or just practice your knife skills. Bring sushi vinegar to boil in small sauce pot and add ginger reduce to low heat and simmer till ginger is soft. Cool ginger then transfer to jar and use as palet cleanser with your favorite sushi, store in fridge up to one month.

Carmelized Broccoli
1 Broccoli Crown
3 Tbls grapeseed oil
salt and pepper
rice and nori
seperate the broccoli into bite size pieces, heat the grapeseed oil till smoking and give the broccoli a carmelize untill nice and brown season with salt and pepper place on paper towel to soak up excessive oil. make futo style roll and arrange the broccoli, roll, cut and eat.... ______________________________________________________

Carpaccio Avocado
Beef marinade
4oz coriander seeds 1 tsp cayenne 5 cloves garlic olive oil
used sirloin steaks but a nice tenderloin couldnt hurt
daikon julienne and soaked in cold water
half an avocado
rice and seaweed
green tabasco mayo lemon juice
let marinate 2 hours or more pan sear in evoo at high heat let rest in fridge, make a uramaki roll with the daikon, mayo and lettuce, make sure the seam is facing down for easier cutting and on top of the roll avocado and thinly sliced pieces of carpaccio lay a piece of plastic ontop and squeeze then cut into 8 and arrange however preffered, enjoy

Tiger Salmon
Sushi Grade Salmon, 3 oz
Tiger Sauce
Horseradish 2 tbls, Lemon Juice, Mayo 2 tbls
Asparagus 3 spears
Rice + Seaweed
Blanch the asparagus for 30 seconds in boiling water throw in ice bath then towel dry take horseradish and mix with equal parts of mayo then squeeze 1 tbls of lemon juice blend well. Make a standard uramaki roll with a thin line of Tiger Sauce in the middle then asparagus with the tips sticking out slightly then roll up and place sliced salmon on top cover with plastic wrap and give it a squeeze with your maki su, cut into eight pieces put a drop of tiger sauce on each piece. _____________________________________________________

Ceviche meets tuna
Lime marinade
1 cup fresh key lime juice half garlic clove 3 tbls chopped cilantro i tbls salt
fresh tuna 4oz sliced thinly
4oz ripe mango thinly sliced
cucumber spears seeds removed
rice and seaweed
mariante the tuna in the lime juice for 1 min or until desired cookedness if no key limes take the softest and greenest limes you can find and only squeeze 1/3 of the juice out of each half if you squeeze to much the marinade will be bitter and trust me it will suck, make a uramaki roll with the cucumber then arrange the tuna and mango everyother on top of the roll make sure the seam is facing down for easier cutting lay a pice of plastic ontop and squeeze then cut into 8 then sprinkle some cilantro ontop, consume ____________________________________________________

Miso Salmon
Sushi grade salmon if not available cook longer in oil
corn oil or soy bean oil 1 quart
tempura batter
iceberg lettuce shredded
cucumber spears seeds removed
miso wrap, nori and rice
preheat oil to 350degrees slice salmon thinly and lay out on soypaper remeber this will be futo style maki so place the wrap vertical on your bamboo matt roll it up and when at the end dip your fingers in the temura batter and smear across edges so it works as glue so it wont pop open in fryer. lay the roll in all purpose flour then in tempura batter deep fry to acquired taste and crispness, remove and make a new futo maki with rice and sesame seeds place iceberg then cucumber and fried salmon roll in middle roll up and cut into 5 pieces enjoy. if no tempura batter, take 1 cup flour 1\2 cup cornstarch 2 tbls baking powder water to desired thickness, also dont mix through lumps are good and throw a couple of icecube's for extra crispness _________________________________________________________________

Avocado Salmon Skin
Salmon filet skin on
japanese mayo(or dukes)
sesame oil and seeds
sushi rice and seaweed
Start by removing the skin from the salmon cut in shapes that fit neatly in your frying pan start skin side down with no oil in pan the oil from the salmon will be suffitient turn the heat down half way to avoid oil splatter and burns, when golden on both sides remove to paper towl make standard uramaki then place a stripe of mayo then salmon skin then avocado. cut in six or eight drizzle lightly with sesame oil enjoy! the salmon skin gets uber crispy so a sharp knife is recommended. ___________________________________________________