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Beet, lettuce, avocado & Kala Jeera

a night at our house



Mr. Sushi is married to me, he is from Norway and live's to cook & roll sushi . He began his training under a master sushi chef in Hampton Roads in 2003, after four years of training he became the head sushi chef . With over seven years experience in Japanese cusinie , as well as Tapas, Peruvian and now Italian, the man truly lives to cook and eat heathly. We never eat a boring meal.




Basmati Sushi:
I was in the mood for some sushi friday night and only had basmati rice leftovers. I took chuck eye steak seared it raw, threw it in the fridge and sliced it thin like carpaccio.(staying clear of silverskin and senew) hard boiled egg roll, carpaccio sweet pepper relish roll.. it was good.


Fresh + local Food
With any type of cuisine please try to keep it local, even if its only with produce. And please use the whole fish, bones in all. Sushi is nice cause you can do anything you want, as long as its accompanied with sushi rice and seaweed (wasabi, ginger, soy sauce).


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