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Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Betty Too - Reguliersdwarsstraat 29, 1017 BJ Amsterdam
It's a wonderful shop, i love their patio its located next to a popular restaurant so if your on the patio on a nice day you'll have to share those sun ray's with some divas. The owner is so hospitable and you feel like your guest in his home, providing snacks like grapes and pretzels. This coffeeshop has two floors and of course its got betty bop stuff everywhere. Very Casual

Le Tertulia - Prinsengracht 312, 1016 HX Amsterdam
Near the Joordan district this mellow shop is run by an mother and daughter team. No complaints here, i would not recommend this shop if you plan on being rowdy or if your looking for some action. Open Tuesday thur Saturday 11:00 - 01:00

Crush - Marnixstraat 383, 1016 XR Amsterdam
Crush is not too fancy and is actually kind of scary, great place for guys to watch some soccer or play foseball with his boys. I do recommend their weed, we tryed the Jack Herra. Open daily 10:00 - 01:00

Amnesia - Herengracht 133, 1015 BG Amsterdm
A Cannabis Cup winner in 2007, i tryed the G13 which was strong, i do remember feeling too high. But, is that really a bad thing? The inside of the shop was cool, lots of hipsters which i believed to be locals it felt more like a bar. I Will definitely stop by the next time I'm in the neighborhood.

The Rookies - Korte Leidsewarsstraat 145-147, 1017 PZ Amsterdm
After my first trip to amsterdam i would of said that this was my favorite coffeeshops. Unfortunitly, my recent visits were disappointing, the staff used to be cool and they played great music. But, new tobacco laws of 2009 has greatly impacted the intreior of this shop. So this once groovy open floor plan dive with pool tables has turned into an will smith men in black playing generic coffeeshop. The patio and the location still make this shop a good choice, they also offer hotel rooms. open 10:00-01:00, www.rookie.nl www.hoteltherookies.nl

Dolphins - Kerkstravt 39, 1017 GB Amsterdm
This shop will always be close to my heart, dolphins took my coffeeshop virginity. Seems to be the first shop we go to whenever we arrive in amsterdam probally because it's in a central location near our hotel. The cupcakes at 7 euros are not worth it.

Bushdoctor - Thorbeckeplein 28, 1017 CS Amsterdm
Has a large outside seating area with a sweet view of the canals. The inside is small but it does have three levels, but the stairs are extremly steep so be careful! The view from the top floor is really cool.

De Rokerij - Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41, 1017 NG Amsterdm
Cool Morocan decor, has a nice selection of loose teas i recommend trying the japanese cherry tea. I believe there is a no hat polcie along with a bouncer at the front door they always check ID's so don't forget it. rokerij.net

Johnny - Elandsgracht 3, 1016 TM Amsterdm
Don't remember much so sorry...

Katsu - Le Van Der Helststraat 70, 1072 NZ Amsterdm
A great place to mesh with the friendly locals, read the paper or check out some magazines. They sell oranges and apples which is a plus, I also noticed a Jerome Baker sticker, it brought back memories of my first bong which life was lost in my bathtub. www.katsu.nl

Abraxas - Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14 1012 PL Amsterdm
Lots of space to chill, beware of the sprial stair case, they sell baked goods. open 10:00-01:00

Softland - Spuistraat 222, 1012 Va Amsterdm
It was kind of scary, we were the only one's in there, the walls were covered with metal and mirrors, they had some computers and flat screen tvs. Would not recommened going there if your are a girl unless you are accompanied by a trusted male.

Otherside - Requliersdwarsstraat 6, 1017 BM Amsterdm
Friendly staff, having an mostly gay clientel this shop was cute and they had good baked items.

Paradox - le Bloemdwarsstraat 2, 1016 KS Amsterdm
Located in the beautiful Jordaan district.

Extreme - Huidenstravt 13a, 1016 ER amsterdam Amsterdm
This basement shop has a very welcoming staff as well as free intrenet and large flat screens.

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