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Amsterdam Restaurant Reviews

Envy - 381 Prinsengracht, 1017 Amsterdam
$$-$$$ Italian inspired, envy is a little pricey but you must pay for ambeince these days. Serving a elabrate variety of tapas, try the meat and cheese plate. The service is always pleasant it does seem a little slow at times, but its is a high volume restaurant. Would recommend making reservations which can be done online, but not mandatory. www.envy.nl 020-3446407

Lust - 13 Runstraal, 1016 GJ Amsterdam
$ Dining at Lust for lunch was a great experience, they have a variety of yummy meat or all veggie sandwiches that will fill your tummy. Cheap wines by the glass served by a very friendly waiter, i would love to try Lust again.

Bagel and Beans - 70 Ferdinand Bolstraat, 1312 TX Amsterdam
$ Serving freshly squeezed juices and tons of bagel sandwiches for you to go or inside there small cafe or outside on there patio by the canal, if the weather is right. The avocado and pine nuts bagel is tasty. You should give this joint a try.

Morlang - 451 Keizersgracht, 1312 TX Amsterdam
$$ This pretty people cafe is located across the canal from the loved bagels and beans, the outdoor seating in the spring/summer is a treat, but the decor inside should not be missed. The time wasted in waiting for the service and food preparation has always been a bit frustrating. Enjoyed their Caesar salad, served with serrano ham, apple capers and anchovy. www.morlang.nl 020-6252681

Mashua - 703 Prinsengracht, 1017 JV Amsterdam
$-$$ This Latin Fusion restaurant is a great spot for your next feast in Amsterdam. The sweet potato tartlet topped with grilled octopus is a great appetizer and the confit of duck served with creamy cilantro risotto is delish. The green and black modern decor is just my style. I did have one bad experience with the Parihuela (fisherman's soup). www.mashua.nl 020-4200559

Blue Pepper - 366 Nassaukade, 1054 AB Amsterdam
$$$ Sonja Pereira at Blue Pepper serves authentic Indonesian cuisine with a distinct West Javanese/Bandung accent and a contemporary touch. My first time at Blue Pepper i was blown away by the food and the whole experience was exciting. Unfortunately my last experience in 2009 was not so special. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wok to Walk - Leidsestraat 96, 1017 PE Amsterdam
$ So cheap its scary, open till 3 am Friday and Saturday, 1am on other nights. Rice or Noodle choice of veggies and meat and sauce. Have eaten here many times late at night, that's when they get there rush from all the party. It would be a great franchise!

The Pancake Bakery - Prinsengracht 191, 1015 DS Amsterdm
$-$$ Serving over 75 different pancakes and omelette's, you must try their savory or sweet pancakes their amazing. I love the savory onion potato pancake and the apple raisin pancake is good., their are plenty of pancakes with ice cream and whip cream too. With buckets of syrup on every table, your sure to enjoy your time. The service is great so if your in a hurry this spot is pretty accommodating. Every time I'm in Amsterdam i go to the pancake bakery, maybe on day I'll try one of their huge omelette's.

Cafe Luxembourg - Spui 24, 1012 XA Amsterdam
$-$$ New York Times called it "one of the world's great cafes", I found this cafe recommendation before the trip. Went to Cafe Luxembourg for brunch, the food was nothing special, I had the eggs benedict it which was not impressive. Their was an large wooden table with tons of international newspapers, and the servers wore starched long aprons so it wasn't that horrible... maybe for drinks.?

St. James Gate - Rembrandtplein 8-10, 1017 CV Amsterdam
$ St James restaurant is located in Rembrandt Square, near Hotel Eden and Bushdoctor. We both enjoyed are traditonal Irish breakfasts, i loved the beans, eggs and toast. I have been making beans for breakfast ever since. We ate outside in the square, the service was friendly and we enjoyed our morning.

$ cheap - $$ moderate - $$$ splurge - $$$$ will never use this

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