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I Love Amsterdam

With over 300 Canals, tons of bikes, flowers, parks, museums and renaissance architecture. Amsterdam has so much to offer its visitor's and all attractions are easily accessible by foot or public transit.
One Perfect Day in My Favorite City, Amsterdam

1) strolling the Canals must be done (there are benches everywhere, which face the canals) The Jordaan district is my Favorite
2) For lunch, Bagels and Beans on the canal or if the weather is bad try the Pancake Bakery or Lust.
3) I highly recommend taking an canal ride its the perfect way to view the whole city and the views are breathtaking (make sure you bring the camera).
4) An stroll through Vondel Park or an visit to one of Amsterdam Museums
5) Dinner at Mausha or Envy.
6) Catch an concert at the concertgebouw, if your low on funds every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 there is an free recital which is open to the public.
7) Hit up a Coffeeshop or Drinks at LUX if you prefer, then off to bed at Hotel Weber.

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